Container shipments

container types

There are several types of containers and each type has several possible ways to be loaded. Also the ownership of the container itself can vary :

  • Liners Owned:
    • This is the most common way to ship your goods. It means that the ship owns the container.
  • Shippers Owned:
    • This means that you are the owner of the container. First Shipping can buy used containers for you if you like. Ask for prices.

Our special container trucks will come the day and the hour you like to the place of loading. When you make your reservation, please make sure that the goods are ready and you have people to help you load the container. A regular box container remains on top of the truck. But on special request, we can come with a special crane to put the container down.

Container Dimensions

The standard loading time is 3 hours. Please advise us in advance when more time is needed.

The maximum payload for all box containers is 22,000kg.

Standard Port rules and regulations apply : Never load dangerous or forbidden goods. In case you load used engines, you MUST put a plastic sheet on the floor of the container to avoid leaking of oil out of the container